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November 1, 2016–Cottage Grove, MN…With MNsure’s 2017 open enrollment starting today, the 250,000 Minnesotans on our state’s individual market are about to see sticker shock, again. Minnesota’s rate hikes are upwards of 50 percent, and Minnesotans are facing fewer choices, skyrocketing costs and more uncertainty than ever. No one in the second district played a bigger role in bringing us Obamacare than Angie Craig.
Jason Lewis released the following statement in response to these hikes:
“Nowhere has there been a clearer policy difference between Angie Craig and I than on the issue of Obamacare. While she was lobbying to pass the disaster that gave us MNSure, I was talking with Minnesotans on the radio about the disaster ahead of us. My opponent’s lack of judgment on the issue of Obamacare alone certainly doesn’t warrant giving her even more power over our economy.

“Hard-working people in CD 2 and across our state are suffering as a result, and tens of thousands of people are facing astronomical hikes in their premiums and fewer insurance options. I’m ready to get to work removing and fixing this burden on Minnesota families by way of reforms that give Minnesotans true affordability and more healthcare options.”

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