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November 4, 2016–Cottage Grove, MN… It’s hardly surprising Angie Craig supports Hillary Clinton so strongly–even personally contributing the maximum amount allowable to the Clinton campaign.
After all, they both come from the same pay-to-play background that has so corrupted our political landscape. Craig doled out more than $700,000 to lobbyists and candidates as the director of her big business special interest organization and in return not only got favorable legislation, but has now collected more campaign donations from her industry than any other candidate. 
Now comes the Federal Bureau of Investigation which announced last week it has reopened the case into Clinton’s email server. FBI sources have told reporters they believe the Clinton Foundation case is moving toward “likely an indictment” because of this scandal ridden “pay-to-play” corruption that seems to follow the Clinton’s.
In light of recent developments involving the growing scandals Hillary Clinton is tied to, campaign manager Jack Dwyer released the following comments:
“Angie Craig has long attempted to make this race about presidential politics, so it’s ironic that she’s now so silent on Hillary Clinton’s repeated ethical issues that may have threatened America’s national security.
“The duplicitous trading of diplomacy for Clinton foundation cash from foreign governments represents a consistent culture of corruption where access is given to those who have the financial resources to buy it.
“As a personal max-out donor to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Angie stands in support of the dishonesty and corruption of the Clinton orbit. Her refusal to repudiate Clinton’s unethical and likely illegal behavior betrays a clear ethical lapse in the Craig campaign.
“Especially since Angie’s career has been about political insider tactics as well. It’s time Angie Craig admits to Minnesotans where she stands on Hillary’s corrupt and scandal-ridden campaign.”