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Some people know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. Others know him from the rallies he organized for tax relief (the largest in Minnesota history). And to Lindsey and Lauren, he’s Dad.

The truth is, he’s all of that, and more.

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Snow in the east and maybe in the next few days for us as yet another harsh winter endures. Good to know the TCJA and our pro energy policies providing some relief in utility bills. #MN02…

1 day ago

Of all the people I sit next to on today's flight, why it's none other than @AngieCraigMN's wife! Now what are the chances? Then again, what are the chances she'd say she's voting for me...🤣😅

3 days ago

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Even after our successful tax reform, Democrats Jeff Erdmann & Angie Craig still want to raise your taxes—dramatically. Right now they’re just busy trying to outbid each over how much. Both support the Progressive Caucus’s bizarre budget proposal raising $9 trillion in new federal taxes on income, payroll, small business, energy, financial services and even dying.

But taxpayers in #MN02 know better. Federal tax revenues of over $3 trillion are already at record levels so hardworking Minnesotans understand the only real way to reduce our debt is to cut spending. That’s why I voted against the $1.3 trillion 2,232 page 2018 Omnibus bill and why I’ll continue to fight for today and tomorrow’s taxpayer.

Indeed, as the chart shows, if we don’t rein in federal spending soon, the next generation of taxpayers—our kids—simply won’t be able to service the debt without tax rates of 70% or more. Don’t think it can’t happen because that’s exactly where marginal income tax rates were before President Ronald Reagan cut them.

As bad as this Omnibus bill was, Jeff Erdmann, Angie Craig & Nancy Pelosi just call it a good start.
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