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Some people know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. Others know him from the rallies he organized for tax relief (the largest in Minnesota history). And to Lindsey and Lauren, he’s Dad.

The truth is, he’s all of that, and more.

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Snow in the east and maybe in the next few days for us as yet another harsh winter endures. Good to know the TCJA and our pro energy policies providing some relief in utility bills. #MN02…

59 minutes ago

Of all the people I sit next to on today's flight, why it's none other than @AngieCraigMN's wife! Now what are the chances? Then again, what are the chances she'd say she's voting for me...🤣😅

1 day ago

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After Hillary Clinton once again insulted those who didn’t vote for her—calling half the country ‘backward’ and blaming her defeat on “pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should”—even some Democrats have had enough.

“...Hillary Clinton is wrong,” bellowed Sen. Dick Durbin. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, after being asked when Clinton should “ride off into the sunset,” simply said, “Not soon enough.”

But no word yet from big money benefactor Angie Craig who’s riding the Hillary machine in ‘18 (even though more than a few Democrats in #MN02 know better).

It does our nation no good when politicians pit one group against another by focusing on what separates us instead of what brings us together.

After all, the greatest minority of all remains the individual—regardless of gender, ethnic or socio-economic status. Let us perfect the founding principle that it isn’t who you are but what you can accomplish that counts.

Clinton, Craig & Pelosi seem intent on driving wedges, but this ‘identity politics’ should stop. Everyone, regardless of background, deserves the respect and dignity our Constitution provides.
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