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Some people know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. Others know him from the rallies he organized for tax relief (the largest in Minnesota history). And to Lindsey and Lauren, he’s Dad.

The truth is, he’s all of that, and more.

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Hey #mn02, still no evidence of collusion—let alone conspiracy. But ONE thing Comey can recall is govt. “opened investigations on four Americans to see IF there was any connection...” What?! As Stalin’s right-hand man Beria boasted, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

1 day ago

#MN02 roads are falling apart, the new Dem Gov is plotting gas tax hike and our US Senators—after blocking my MPO amendment restoring accountability to Met Council—celebrate $2 bil SWLRT. What’s next, riots in Paris?…

6 days ago

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1 day ago

Jason Lewis

As socialism collapses in France, the elitists—to whom big government is often kind—are demanding more of it here. From light rail transit schemes in #mn02 to Obamacare insurance bailouts everywhere there’s always a few connected folks on the other end of the subsidies.
So it is with the well-to-do climate change lobbyists demanding costly energy alternatives and gas taxes--the latter of which set off the latest French Revolution. Instead of ‘let them eat cake,’ it’s ‘let them car pool.’
To insist on bankrupting the middle class in the name of 'catastrophic' climate change is perhaps the best example of elitism run amok. An expensive hobby for jet-setting trust-funders who throw around words like 'catrostrophic' because they know the 'scientists' in the media are more than happy to regurgitate the falsehood.
But even the latest missive from the infallible IPCC suggests no such thing. The UN panel says global warming will cost the planet between 0.2% and 2% of GDP over next 60 years if we fail to act. Yet the WSJ notes that Nobel laureate William Nordhaus of Yale calculates the cost of trying (in vain) to limit the temperature increase to the IPCC's recommendation at a staggering $37 trillion--$16 trillion more than doing nothing at all.
The US National Climate Assessment has also chimed in projecting climate related costs will be $500 billion or roughly .6% of GDP in 2090. Even a temperature rise of 5 degrees F (at the very top end of the 'catastrophic' scale) would only lower GDP growth from an increase of 400% to 385% by 2100.
So if the staggering costs of carbon taxes and other 'solutions' are far more than the costs of routine abatement, is it any wonder that from Arizona to Colorado to Washington so-called green ballot initiatives just got trounced? As did Climate Caucus Republicans in Congress.
Never fear, however, the Hollywood director of the new film 'Vice' recently said what really 'scares the crap out of me' is, are you ready...'global warming.' We thought it was Dick Cheney.
Oh, and MN Gov-elect Tim Walz wants to raise the gas tax.
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