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Some people know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. Others know him from the rallies he organized for tax relief (the largest in Minnesota history). And to Lindsey and Lauren, he’s Dad.

The truth is, he’s all of that, and more.

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Was great to have so many energetic supporters join us in yesterday’s Pan-o-Prag Parade! Looking forward to our #redtsunami #mn02

2 days ago

It's been 3 months of silence since @AngieCraigMN received the DFL endorsement. While convention delegates may have been willing to look past Craig’s lack of substance, I am willing to bet the rest of the voters in #mn02 will not be as forgiving.

2 days ago

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7 hours ago

Jason Lewis

One can certainly disagree with President Trump’s statements at Helsinki, and to call for the investigation into Russian meddling to be complete, as I have numerous times. And I’m glad the President clarified his summit remarks today in regard to Moscow’s ‘phishing’ expeditions.

But to suggest that policy differences are ‘treasonous’ or ‘impeachable’ or that there is NOT a problem with politicized investigations is just more of the same from hyper-partisans whose only goal is to bring down the administration. These are the same people who were cheering on President Obama when he told Mitt Romney Russia was way down on the list of national security threats. Or when the former President assured Russia he’d have ‘more flexibility’ after the 2012 election. Now they are cold warriors all.

The fact is Henry Kissinger was right—more than allies, we have interests. And it IS in the interest of all Americans to talk with former adversaries. The other option is miscalculation, mistrust, and war. If we are concerned about having discussions with only those who ‘share our values,’ then why aren’t we cutting off communications with China and Saudi Arabia?

Democrats and their front groups demand an answer to every utterance from the President, yet their own candidates refuse to answer the most basic of issues that affect the people they think they’re entitled to represent—such as tax relief, the border, energy security, and workforce development.

For example, while I have been clear on all these topics my opponent in the 2nd district, Angie Craig, has been clear on none. We have encouraged our friends in the media to ask Ms. Craig for her position on these issues but so far they have not. That’s a shame because voters deserve to know where the candidates stand.
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