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Some people know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. Others know him from the rallies he organized for tax relief (the largest in Minnesota history). And to Lindsey and Lauren, he’s Dad.

The truth is, he’s all of that, and more.

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.@AngieCraigMN continues to choose out of state environmentalists and their dark money over thousands of labor jobs in #mn02. It's no wonder she won’t support our bill forcing a permanent repository for Prairie Island.

4 hours ago

Before tax relief in 2017 the tax burden was growing, according to data from the BLS. That’s another reason we passed the Tax Cut & Jobs Act and now after-tax take home pay is much higher. Remarkably, ⁦@AngieCraigMN⁩ still says she’d ‘repeal the whole thing.’ #MN02

4 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Jason Lewis

On the campaign trail, Angie Craig claims to be a champion for blue-collar workers and middle-class families, but when she has the opportunity to take a stand for them and truly show support, Craig hides behind her environmentalist special interest groups and their money.

Meanwhile, over the past two years, I have spoken often about removing interim nuclear storage at Prairie Island as well as the much-needed Enbridge Pipeline—which will help secure billions in private investment and thousands of jobs right here in Minnesota’s Second District. Yet, over the past two years, Craig has remained quiet.

Of course, there’s a reason for this. When you look at the groups, such as the radical Environmental Defense Fund Action, who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on her behalf, it’s hardly surprising that Craig refuses to take a stance on the Enbridge Pipeline or Prairie Island repository – both located in the very district she claims to want to represent.

People say, ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ and it is now evident that Craig’s silence was bought off by groups like the EDF Action who have now joined Craig’s pack of dark money friends here in the Second District. Tellingly, the group even chose to directly take aim at Pine Bend Refinery which employs thousands of people. So much for Craig standing up for the Minnesota worker.

Every day it becomes less surprising and more apparent that Craig is the candidate who is bought and paid for. She and her friends at the Sierra Club won’t even support a permanent repository for nuclear waste in Nevada to relieve the interim storage at Prairie Island.

Could it be that Craig doesn’t want to take a stance on the Enbridge Pipeline or Prairie Island repository because she knows the dark money upon which she depends would dry up? Or maybe it’s because she’s not able to take ‘principled’ stances until her summer polling comes back?

Whatever the reason may be, Craig is clearly not the supporter of labor she claims to be.
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