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Jeff Johnson, 2014 Candidate for Governor, Hennepin County Commissioner, and fmr. RNC national committeeman

Hannah Nicollet, 2014 Candidate for Governor (IP)

Lloyd Cheney, Combat Veteran and Minnesota Republican activist

Matt Lehman, Shakopee City Councilman

Bill Flatley, South St. Paul Councilman

Bill Cooper, former MNGOP State Chairman

Brian Sullivan, CEO of Celcuity LLC, Former Candidate for Governor

Dr. John Lott, 2nd Amendment advocate

Chris Andryski, 2008 National Delegate, Financial Executive, Army Infantry Veteran

Jake Duesenberg, Retired Army Captain and Iraq War Veteran

Nathan Krogstad,  U.S. Air Force Veteran

Greg OConnor, United States Marine Corps Veteran

Lieutenant Richard Iffert, St. Paul Police (Ret.)

Lieutenant Peter Sichko, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)

Commander Ty Sheridan, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office



“Jason Lewis is the strongest conservative in this race and has publicly stood up and fought for solutions to our nation’s biggest fiscal issues for 25 years. Jason not only has a command of the issues, but a solutions-based platform that will draw a very sharp contrast with liberal Angie Craig, and improve the economic future for the hardworking families and citizens of Minnesota.”
-Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-6)

“Candidates like Minnesota’s Jason Lewis have the vision and determination to fight for pro-growth policies that will create jobs, reform the tax code, advance energy independence and stop overregulation. In contrast, Democrat candidate Angie Craig will double down on the failed policies of the Obama administration, which have caused stagnant growth these last eight years. Craig supports a $6 trillion dollar tax increase on hard working families and the EPA’s efforts to kill our energy jobs.  We need Jason Lewis in Congress and I look forward to working with him.”
-Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)

“Jason Lewis is a strong fiscal conservative with a plan to get our economy moving in the right direction. I know he will fight to return prosperity for Minnesotans by supporting economic policies that will lift all hardworking families and citizens up, and I am proud to endorse him in the critical race for our 2nd Congressional District.”
-Former Speaker Kurt Zellers

“I am thrilled to support Jason Lewis in his candidacy for Congress. Jason will be a champion for limited government, a balanced budget and the protection of our individual liberties. While Jason might be Minnesota nice, he’ll always be a staunch defender of the Constitution. Today I stand with Jason and I hope you will too!”
-U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

“Jason worked tirelessly to earn the support of our grassroots, which is absolutely critical to beat the well-funded Angie Craig and her national Democrat machine. He will also draw the clearest contrast with Craig, who is way too extreme for the 2nd district. She is an extreme, left wing liberal who will be a continuation of Obama’s 8 years that have produced a stagnant economy, unsustainable debt, and an EPA that is seeking to kill jobs right here in MN’s 2nd district. Jason in contrast has the most depth on the issues and a plan to return economic prosperity for the hardworking citizens and families of Minnesota.  Finally, Jason has raised the most from individual donors on the Republican side, and has by far and away the most donors with more than 1,600 Minnesotans who have contributed. Jason has built a strong and aggressive campaign apparatus that can go toe-to-toe with Craig. Again, the other Republican candidates should get out of the race and give our Party the time to consolidate behind Jason and unify the party to beat the radical Craig.”
-MN GOP Chairman, Keith Downey

“Jason Lewis is just what the working families of CD 2 need. I’m enthusiastically supportive of his efforts and his commitment to the ideas that will get America back on the right track.”
-MN GOP Deputy Chairman, Chris Fields

“My support for Jason Lewis is simple. Jason is a real conservative representing my American values with a firm grasp on national issues. I know no one who can articulate our message, or is as electable as Jason Lewis.”
-State Senator Dan Hall, Dist. 56

“I am proud to endorse Jason Lewis, and I encourage all voters in Minnesota’s Second District to get behind Jason’s candidacy,” Osmek said. “As the only legislator to receive a 100% rating from the Minnesota Taxpayers League for three sessions in a row, I know firsthand Jason Lewis is the candidate with a plan to restore economic prosperity, will cut spending, fight to reform the tax code and put our hardworking families and citizens first.”
-State Senator Dave Osmek, Dist. 33

“I am proud to endorse Jason Lewis for Congress. I have listened to Jason Lewis defend liberty and freedom for almost twenty-five years. I have known him personally for fourteen years. There is nobody better at communicating with people from anywhere on the political spectrum. But more importantly, Jason is committed to our values, he is consistent, and he is knowledgeable. That is why Jason will be an excellent candidate and an even better Member of Congress from Minnesota’s Second District.”
-State Senator Dave Thompson, Dist. 58

“Jason Lewis exemplifies the type of representation CD2 needs in Washington.  Jason’s dedication to conservative principles, economic responsibility, and his practical business experience reflect the character and the needs of those who call this area home.  I proudly endorse Jason Lewis for Congress because of his commitment to our shared values, and his ability to lead our party to victory in November.”
-State Representative Tony Albright, Dist. 55B

“America is at a crossroads. We so badly need someone who will lead out of principle, rather than someone who only tries to portray one team as good and the other bad. Minnesota knows that Jason Lewis is a strong, principled, and conservative leader; he has clearly communicated that fact. Please join me in supporting Jason Lewis as our next member of Congress from CD2. Jason will clearly and consistently bring our values to bear upon a Washington DC that needs them so dearly.”
-State Representative Steve Drazkowski, Dist. 21B

“Jason Lewis has the knowledge, principles, and tenacity to not only win the primary and the general elections, but also to represent us well in Washington D.C. As our endorsed Republican candidate for the Second Congressional District, Jason has earned our support and I am proud to give my personal endorsement of his campaign.”
-State Representative Anna Wills, Dist. 57B

“The Republican Party of Minnesota enjoyed many successes while I was chair, and along the way Jason was a steady voice for conservative principles on the radio. I believe he’ll make a real difference in Washington so I am glad to endorse Jason Lewis for Congress in MN 2nd congressional district.”
-Bill Cooper, former State Chair for the Republican Party of Minnesota

“Jason is the most knowledgeable, articulate and principled candidate in this race. He offers the Second District the opportunity to place a tremendously effective conservative to represent them in Congress.”
-Brian Sullivan, CEO of Celcuity LLC and former Candidate for Governor

“Jason is the most persuasive voice for common sense conservatives of all the candidates in the Second Congressional District.”
-Chris Andryski, 2008 National Delegate, Finance Executive, Army Infantry Veteran

“I am thrilled to support Jason Lewis in his candidacy for Congress. Jason will be a champion for limited government, a balanced budget and the protection of our individual liberties. While Jason might be Minnesota nice, he’ll always be a staunch defender of the Constitution. Today I stand with Jason and I hope you will too!”
-Lloyd Cheney, Combat Veteran and Minnesota Republican activist

“I fully support and endorse Jason Lewis. Jason recognizes the important issues facing our nation: terrorism, an exploding national debt, skyrocketing health care costs, taxation and its impact on economic success, and most importantly – our rights under the Constitution. Jason understands these issues from the perspective of the people and has the experience we need to find solutions that better the nation. Please join me in working to fix our nation by voting for Jason Lewis for Congress.”
-Matt Lehman, Shakopee City Councilman 

“I am proud to endorse Jason Lewis for Congress. He believes in limited and responsible government and, more importantly, understands the rights of states and municipalities. When elected to Congress, I guarantee Jason will stand up for Minnesota. I encourage people of any and all political leanings to learn more about Jason and support him in 2016.”
-Bill Flatley, South St. Paul City Councilman