Aug 19, 2016

Jason Lewis, the Republican nominee for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement today in response to an Open Secrets article on the percentage of small dollar contributors in Congressional races throughout the nation. The Lewis campaign is proud to be in the top 10 list of all congressional candidates, and 4th among GOP candidates, in terms of percentage of small dollar contributors to their respective campaigns.GG

“I am proud to say this is a campaign fueled by small donors who are ready for real change in Washington, DC. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of the resources we have raised are from small donors, contributing their hard earned dollars toward our campaign focused on enacting true change as an independent voice for Minnesotans in Congress.

“This is in stark contrast to Angie Craig, who has raised just ten percent (10%) of her contributions from small dollar contributors. Instead, Craig has relied heavily on Big Labor and Big Business interests to finance her campaign, as well as her own vast personal wealth.

“Our tremendous small donors are a sign of our momentum on the ground here in Minnesota. The hardworking people of our district are ready for true change – not more of the same tired, big establishment policies from both parties that have left us with stagnant economic growth, high healthcare costs, and less security. As your next United States Congressman, I will fight every day for our shared values as an independent leader for Minnesota.”

Jason Lewis spent 25 years on the air as a voice in the national political conversation, talking with Minnesotans and Americans about solutions to our greatest problems. An active Minnesota resident for two decades, he and his wife Leigh have two young daughters, Lindsey and Lauren. Jason is also an author, public speaker, and started his career running Lewis Motor Supply, a small family business founded by his grandfather. Lewis won his competitive, multi-candidate primary contest with 49% of the vote share on August 9, 2016.