Aug 26, 2016

Big government has been very good to Angie Craig. Similar to Hillary Clinton, Ms. Craig seems to have excelled in a system in which campaign contributions are doled out in exchange for government favors. And now, as a candidate for Congress, she appears to be cashing in on them.

As the former Chair of a Political Action Committee, Craig steered over $750,000 to lobbyists, candidates and special interest groups in order to benefit her own industry.

First she supported Obamacare on the assumption it would be good for her firm. Then, in classic Washington-insider fashion, she directed campaign contributions toward repealing the tax on her industry that would fund the very program she backed. You can’t have it both ways, and voters in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District deserve a representative who won’t support public policies when it’s outwardly “politically helpful,” but behind closed doors have a different opinion.

“Unlike my opponent, I was vehemently opposed to the failed Affordable Care Act, and critical aspects of the bill including the Medical Device Sales tax” said 2nd District GOP nominee Jason Lewis. “Angie Craig wants it both ways: federal legislation that’s costly and benefits her, but then making the rest of us pay for it. Is it any wonder we’ve got a $19 trillion federal debt? This is exactly the kind of insider crony capitalism that folks in the 2nd District have rejected.”

The Lewis campaign provides a stark contrast to Angie Craig’s. Rather than representing Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government, small donors are supporting Lewis in record numbers. However, a stunning 90 percent of Craig’s financing has come from big contributors, PACs and Craig herself – while only ten percent has come from small donors like hardworking individuals in Minnesota.

Jason Lewis spent 25 years on the air as an independent voice in the national political conversation, talking with Minnesotans and Americans about solutions to our greatest problems. An active Minnesota resident for two decades, Lewis’ mother was born and raised in North Minneapolis and his wife Leigh is a St. Paul native. They have two daughters. Jason is also an author, public speaker, and started his career running Lewis Motor Supply, a small family business founded by his grandfather. Lewis won his competitive, multi-candidate primary contest with 49% of the vote share on August 9, 2016.