Some Money Problems

Oct 16, 2018

Eagan, MN – Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery released the following statement:

“Just one day after Angie Craig participated in yet another Facebook Live with End Citizens United to tout the importance of getting money out of politics, Craig announced she raised 1.8 million last quarter. If you need a reminder of her top points of hypocrisy on the matter, we’ve rounded them up for you.

“In just the past 12 weeks alone, Craig has also spent 1.8 million dollars – that is over a million dollars more than Lewis spent over the same time period. Despite getting outspent drastically by Craig herself, Lewis is also up against the far-left, dark money groups supporting Craig. Planned ParenthoodNARALEDFAGiffords PAC, HMP, and DCCC are all spending more than a million dollars a piece against Lewis.

“The best part about these outside groups spending millions in this race is their messaging. They are literally attacking Lewis for…wait for it…money in politics.

“Seems like the most blatant evidence of political hypocrisy ever – except we never hear or read about it

“The best nugget to come out of Craig’s Facebook Live yesterday was her outright lie that she is being outspent 4:1 (approx. 29.30 in). Now, I’m not a mathematician, but Craig herself outspent Lewis 2:1. And if you look at the groups above and their spending – or just look at TV reservations themselves, you can see that not only is Craig not getting outspent at all. Craig and her far-left Democrat elite are definitely holding the throne in spending here. Calling all fact checkers!

“When you look at the where the individual donations are coming from, even more is revealed. Nearly 50 percent of Craig’s individual contributions come from outside Minnesota – like Alexander Soros of New York – while Lewis boasts nearly 75 percent of his contributions from within the great state of Minnesota. It is clear that while some people support Craig – it’s not Minnesotans.

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“But the takeaway here is, all while being drowned out by dark money groups and their lies, Lewis still is holding his own. Numerous polls over the past few weeks show Lewis within the margin of error. Turns out voters are looking for what we’ve been saying all along – a representative who is going to take principled policy stances and not look to outside groups to determine where they should stand – like choosing environmental groups spending money on her behalf over thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in investments right here in the district she claims to want to represent.

“Voters are once again seeing through the millions in deceitful ads and showing they want a principled candidate who will work for them like Lewis, rather than Pelosi’s puppet Angie Craig.”