Each and every day, Democrats take women for granted by trying to pigeonhole them into believing there are only a handful of issues women care about. Worse, these loud liberal voices demand that the only acceptable viewpoint for women is for bigger and bigger government. Anyone who dares to offer a different opinion or who has a different set of priorities is deemed intolerant.  But the fact is, women have opinions and viewpoints that are as diverse as men and it is high time this is recognized and celebrated.

The Lewis for Congress campaign is working to dispel this monolithic myth by highlighting the broad number of issues women care about. That’s why we’ve launched a new video series called “Independent Women for an Independent Voice” featuring women from the Second District. In each video, you’ll hear from a diverse set of women sharing, in their own words, why they are Republicans, which issues drive them and why they support Jason Lewis.

“All too often, liberal Democrats and some in the press dictate to women what issues are important to them rather than letting women speak for themselves. On the campaign trail I’ve heard directly from women from all backgrounds and walks of life about the issues they care about and we are very proud to have the opportunity to share their stories about their ‘women’s issues’ that motivate them,” Lewis said. “I’m honored to have their support.”

On October 22, 2018, Speaker Ryan came to Minnesota and met with the women from this project. He joined Congressman Lewis for a roundtable to discuss why these women are Republican.

Liana (Lee)

Lee was born and raised in Minnesota. She is looking forward to retirement this fall after being at her job for 45 years!

“I knew I needed to just get on with life. I needed to take care of myself and make my own plans,” said Liana. I support Jason, he has my full appreciation for his strong leadership on the issues of personal and fiscal responsibility.”

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Mary is a widow, formerly retired businesswoman who has had to re-enter the workplace. She has supervised hundreds of employees and worked to enable their career growth while ensuring the business thrived. Mary recently shifted to non-profits and is currently a CEO of a small food shelf, thrift store, and activity center.

“Congressman Lewis represents Senior America, and will support the elimination of Social Security taxation here in Minnesota,” said Mary, “Jason Lewis will represent my rights and freedoms under the law, rather than a collection of special interest groups, supported by his opposition candidate. I will work tirelessly to ensure he wins a Congressional seat, for me and for all tax-paying Minnesotans.”

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Jolynn was a single mom of two doing her best to provide for her children. She worked her way up in her career and is now a small business owner, and married mother of a blended family.

“In 2012, I voted for President Obama, but things didn’t get better,” said Jolynn, “Our insurance premiums were skyrocketing, I could no longer choose a clinic or doctor for my children, regulations were hurting my husband’s small business, and I was watching 40% of my hard-earned bonuses being taken in taxes – so I decided to get involved. Today, under Republican control, our economy is striving, people are back to work, and my family is seeing an additional $280.00 of our hard-earned money back in our pockets each month. This is just the beginning of the greatness we will achieve. America, Minnesota needs more Jasons.”

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Nora grew up on a farm where she was taught the value of integrity, hard work, education, teamwork and compassion. She was a double major and a double minor at the University of Minnesota before returning to Cannon Falls where she now farms with her husband.

“I am a lifelong Minnesotan farm girl who is blessed to be married to my wonderful husband and we have two amazing children. I am doing my dream job, which is farming. But, there are so many misconceptions about what farming is. It no longer is the little red barn and ten milk cows. I appreciate Jason; he totally understands what I am talking about from Zip Rails to Buffer Strips to WOTUS. He knows that perhaps you need to trust the people that live and work the land. Jason understands that with great rights come great responsibilities.”

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Leah is an attorney living with her husband and dog in West St. Paul. She recently moved to the Second Congressional District and is happy to finally be represented by a candidate who represents her views.

“Congressman Lewis catches my eye as a voter not for his past, but rather for his concrete ideas for the future. We share a vision on the role of the federal government and he has fearlessly pursued that end through creative policies and impressive coalitions. Minnesota’s Second Congressional District has a great representative in Congressman Lewis, and Minnesota overall benefits from his commitment to reigning in the federal government and promoting economic liberty for all.”

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Alexandra is an immigrant from a communist country who has lived in the United States since she was 12. She is married to her husband Chester and currently serves as President of the Southwest Conservative Republican Women Club.

“Having lived under the communist regime, there is nothing more precious to me than Liberty,” said Alexandra, “I don’t consider myself strictly Republican; I prefer to think of myself as an American who loves and appreciates this great nation and believes in its founding documents. I am thrilled about sending Jason Lewis to Washington because he understands that there is no free lunch and he takes with him a dose of common sense.”

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Some of the women who are participants in the Independent Women for an Independent Voice project sat down with Max at the Republican Roundtable to discuss what issues are most important to them.

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Each week the Lewis for Congress campaign will release new videos from women in the Second District sharing their stories about the issues that are most important to them, and why they support Jason Lewis’ re-election campaign. Check back weekly to hear from other Independent Women.