Oct 4, 2016

Today, the Jason Lewis for Congress campaign announced its second television advertisement in the general election.
The ad, titled “Monster,” highlights differences between Jason and his opponent and focuses on Jason’s positive vision for Minnesota.

“Minnesota deserves better than political insiders who will say and do anything to get elected,” said Lewis. “We need fresh leadership focused instead on getting our economy back on track, stopping our skyrocketing debt and securing our borders. I will put Minnesotans first as an independent voice in Congress.”


Jason Lewis spent 25 years on the air as a voice in the national political conversation, talking with Minnesotans and Americans about solutions to our greatest problems. An active Minnesota resident for two decades, he and his wife Leigh have two young daughters, Lindsey and Lauren. Jason is also an author, public speaker, and started his career running Lewis Motor Supply, a small family business founded by his grandfather. Lewis won his competitive, multi-candidate primary contest with 49% of the vote share on August 9, 2016.

Full Text of “Monster”

Political insiders like Angie Craig take my words out of context and tell you I’m a ‘monster’. They’ll do anything to keep power.

I’m Jason Lewis. I may not be politically correct, but I won’t back down from the tough issues.

In Congress, I’ll put you before political games, and before political parties.

Together, we’ll turn the economy around, stop the spending and secure our borders.

I’m Jason Lewis and I approve this message because I’ll be an independent voice for Minnesota.