Sep 28, 2016

The Jason Lewis for Congress campaign today released the following statement on Angie Craig’s dangerous open borders policy.

“We as a nation, state and community are shaken by the recent attacks in our country – and what happened in St. Cloud hits far too close to home,” said Lewis campaign manager Jack Dwyer. “We continue to pray for the families of the victims, but we know that we must do better.

“We need to do more to combat acts of terror in our communities – and that starts with securing our borders once and for all. Angie Craig and her friends in the far left, liberal establishment want open borders and to permit larger numbers of Syrian refugees to the US, even though other countries have evidence that ISIS terrorists have been infiltrating this refugee community.

“The recent attack reminds us that we already have a terrorist recruitment problem in Minnesota, one that we don’t need to worsen by putting more potentially-unvetted refugees into our neighborhoods. Minnesota deserves more than Angie Craig’s open borders policies and half-hearted defense of our families’ security here at home.

“In Craig’s recent interview on WCCO, she went so far as to say she believes that we can fix this crisis by throwing more money at the issue. Angie’s ‘solutions’ would only take us further in a direction we can’t afford under any circumstances.

“Jason, on the other hand, will fight to secure our borders and control who is coming into our nation, once and for all, because the safety of our families and citizens must be put first.”