Sep 30, 2016

It’s actually quite remarkable. We’ve seen terrorist attacks in St. Cloud; our borders are wide open and more dangerous refugees are coming to Minnesota; and folks are living paycheck to paycheck in an economy that’s growing too slow. On top of that, health insurance is falling apart with back to back MNSure premium increases of over 50%–prompting Minnesota Department of Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman to say, “This is a real emergency situation.”

So what does Angie Craig do? She issues another outrageous scorched-earth negative attack on Jason Lewis while offering NO solutions of her own. This is what typical political insiders do when they are the wrong side of every issue. But the lies from the Craig campaign continue to fly in the face of reality. Her outright smears regarding Lewis’ radio career not only fell on deaf ears but one local television station described the ad as having “so little context that they mislead the viewer.”

The latest act of desperation from Craig surrogates now involves Lewis joining the House Freedom Caucus or other groups which they disapprove. But for months–in answering questions on the issue in numerous interviews ( and even in his campaign television ads–Lewis has stated his position clearly.

“I’ve pledged to be an ‘independent voice’ for Minnesota and not beholden to any caucus or group that would bind my vote. Unlike Angie Craig, who was ‘humbled and gratified’ to be endorsed by the socialist Progressive Caucus, I won’t be joining any caucus in the House. If there’s one thing I’ve learned talking to voters in the 2nd is they want a leader who puts their interests first. The only group I plan to represent is all the citizens of the 2nd district,” Lewis said.

Craig seems to think she can win the 2nd district by hiding her radical support for Obamacare, saying she would “fight to make sure that we continue to look for ways to expand the Affordable Care Act.” She even called Rep. John Kline “out of touch” for wanting to defund President Obama’s amnesty plan.

It’s long past due for Angie Craig to stop the lies and negative attacks, and start talking about the issues.” Voters deserve to know what Angie Craig is hiding.

Jason Lewis spent 25 years on the air as a voice in the national political conversation, talking with Minnesotans and Americans about solutions to our greatest problems. An active Minnesota resident for two decades, he and his wife Leigh have two young daughters, Lindsey and Lauren. Jason is also an author, public speaker, and started his career running Lewis Motor Supply, a small family business founded by his grandfather. Lewis won his competitive, multi-candidate primary contest with 49% of the vote share on August 9, 2016.