Angie Craig: Against money in politics, but only if you are a Republican

Apr 6, 2018

Eagan, MN – Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery sent out the following release with more questions for Angie Craig:

“Today, our litany of questions that remain to be answered by Angie Craig and her campaign turn back to money, but now the hypocrisy from Craig is even more apparent. This isn’t our first attempt to get answers related to Craig’s money hypocrisy, but since we are still waiting on the questions asked 3 months ago (shocker) we’ll try again.

“A continuous theme from Democrats these days are ‘Republicans are beholden to special interests.’ An interesting line of reasoning to be used in the 2nd District in particular when our very own Angie Craig is clearly a fan of special interests. In her 2017 Q4 report, Craig took more than $130,000 from special interests, and one could guess she met or exceeded that number in the first quarter of 2018. In fact, during the 2016 campaign, Craig took more money from the medical supply industry than any other candidate in the entire country.

“It may be just me, but I think that is in direct contrast to her website which states:

“And don’t let any ‘grassroots fundraising’ talk fool you. Last quarter nearly 90% of her donations came from large donors or PACs.

“But the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. Craig was for corporate dollars before she was against them, going as far as being in charge of the distribution of nearly a million dollars for St. Jude’s PAC when it stood to benefit her and her employer.

“Even the campaign of Craig’s DFL opponent Jeff Erdmann is frustrated with the two-facedness, saying, ‘If your goal is to get money out of politics, how in the f**k — I’m sorry, how in the hell are you backing someone who ran a corporate PAC?’

“What’s more, is why would someone who says, ‘the only way that we can run honest campaigns in this country is to know who is paying for them’ filter her donations through Act Blue making it harder for the average Minnesotan to find details? In Q4 alone, of 683 donations, 433 came through Act Blue.

“Could this be because Act Blue was collecting money on her behalf in the 2 months between her announcement and the start of quarter 4, allowing Craig to have a larger Q4 while claiming $0 in Q3? I mean, come on. Not a single person sent a donation to her in 2 months after announcing intent to run again? That’s either sad or nefarious.

“So, the questions of the day:

  • Is Craig really against special interests? Or just against special interests if it benefits her opponents?
  • Is Craig really against corporate donations? Or only against them unless she stands to benefit.
  • If she really wants voters to know who is donating to candidates, why does she make them jump through hoops to find specifics of her donors?
  • And If she is truly against the power of millionaires in elections, why does she continue to take donations from Nancy Pelosi, Soros, and her own million-dollar checkbook?

“All this from a candidate who says ‘Money in politics was always a problem, but now it is worse than ever before.’

“It seems like Craig should take a long look in the mirror before she continues to puppet the Democrat mantra of getting money out of politics.”