Angie, Yes or No? Day 4

Nov 5, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, the Jason Lewis for Congress continues a series of yes or no questions for Angie Craig. Below is a release from Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery:

“After three debates with Rep. Jason Lewis, Angie Craig still can’t answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the key questions of the day.

Click here for video (taped at Dakota Co. Chamber Debate)

“So, we’ve decided to give her a second, third, or fourth chance. From now until election day we’ll be picking an issue that voters in the Second District care about and ask the Democrat candidate one more time if she’s made up her mind.

“It goes without saying the first job of any public official is to tell their constituents how they plan to govern—and that’s why Jason Lewis has been forthright on where he stands right from the start.

“Before election results have even come in, Nancy Pelosi is already promising to bring the federal government to a grinding halt with endless investigations, subpoenas and by the threat of actually impeaching a sitting Supreme Court justice.

“Even after another woman has come forward admitting the Kavanaugh charges were fiction.

“Jason Lewis has been clear—he does not support an impeachment crisis attacking the independence of the judiciary, but Angie Craig once again won’t comment on the radical plans of the people financing her campaign.

“Again, results versus resistance. It’s as simple as that.

“So today, the question should be a yes or no answer. If elected, does Angie Craig support launching into impeachment proceedings for Kavanaugh or President Trump? For Jason Lewis, that answer is a no.”