Angie, Yes or No?

Oct 31, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, the Jason Lewis for Congress begins a series of yes or no questions for Angie Craig. Below find a release from Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery:

“After three debates with Rep. Jason Lewis, Angie Craig still can’t answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the key questions of the day. 

YesorNoSS.pngClick here for video (taped at Dakota Co. Chamber Debate) 

“So, we’ve decided to give her a second, third, or fourth chance. From now until election day we’ll be picking an issue that voters in the Second District care about and ask the Democrat candidate one more time if she’s made up her mind.  

“It goes without saying the first job of any public official is to tell their constituents how they plan to govern—and that’s why Jason Lewis has been forthright on where he stands right from the start.

“Right now, there is a Honduran ‘caravan’ in Mexico totaling over 7,000 migrants headed for our southern border–and Lewis, as usual, has been clear on his position. Asylum seekers have various options in their own region or even Mexico to claim refugee status, or they can apply (and, yes, wait like others) at an official port of entry on the border. 

“What they cannot do is attempt to enter the country illegally by presenting themselves between checkpoints anywhere along our southern border. No other country would allow this and neither should we. A united and resolute message should be sent to the occupants (of which we know very little) of the ‘caravan’ that they will be turned back if they continue to flout America’s immigration laws. 

“Angie Craig says she wants to listen, but so far her opposition to a border wall and support for sanctuary policies show she’s paying much more attention to open border advocates such as Kirsten Gillibrand and Nancy Pelosi who are funding her campaign than she is to hard-working residents of the Second District. 

“Remember when elections used to be about ideas?

“So today, the question to Angie Craig is, do you support the caravan of thousands looking to enter this country illegally? For Jason Lewis, the answer is no.”