DFL Endorsement: Just a Formality?

Apr 9, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery released the following statement regarding Minnesota Second District’s upcoming DFL Endorsing Convention:

“This week kicks off endorsement week for DFLers in Minnesota’s Second District. Or, if you are Angie Craig, a week known as ‘a formality we have to go through since I am the DCCC’s chosen one.’

“As Minnesota Democrats complete the grassroots process to choose who they would like to be their DFL endorsed candidate, many are unaware the process has been already been rigged in favor of Craig. Just ask her opponent Jeff Erdmann.

“First, the DCCC refused to meet with Erdmann, instead choosing to fully back Craig.

“Then, Democrat leadership doubled down on DCCC’s hand-picked choice through Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement and personal donation.

“And just this past weekend, another Democrat top-dog, Steny Hoyer, was in town campaigning with Craig in attempts to bring their new puppet to our nation’s capital.

“So much for a grassroots process and letting the people’s voices be heard.

“But then again, we know Craig likes to claim she is for listening to the people, all while she ignores their questions and refuses to share her stances on issues important to the people of Minnesota. Which should be no surprise as Democrats have made it clear they are more interested in a candidate who can raise money than one who has principled stances (or any stances) at all.

“But, unless DFLers in the Second District begin to realize the wool is being pulled over their eyes, it appears the DCCC & Nancy Pelosi’s chosen one and Big Democrats will prevail.”