Independent Women for an Independent Voice: Leah

Nov 6, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, the Lewis for Congress campaign releases another video in the “Independent Women for an Independent Voice” series.

This week, we introduce you to Leah, an attorney from West St. Paul, discussing criminal justice reform.

Click here to hear Leah’s story

“Congressman Lewis catches my eye as a voter not for his past, but rather for his concrete ideas for the future,” said Leah. “We share a vision on the role of the federal government and he has fearlessly pursued that end through creative policies and impressive coalitions. Minnesota’s Second Congressional District has a great representative in Congressman Lewis, and Minnesota overall benefits from his commitment to reigning in the federal government and promoting economic liberty for all.”

Each week the Lewis for Congress campaign will release new videos from women in the Second District sharing their stories about the issues that are most important to them, and why they support Jason Lewis’ re-election campaign. You can find videos shared on social media, or on Lewis’ website here.