Manufactured Craig

Nov 5, 2018

Eagan, MN – Jason Lewis for Campaign Manager Becky Alery released the following statement:

“Angie Craig claims the only thing different between her now and her in 2016 is now, she’s pissed. But in reality, we know everything about 2018 candidate Craig is different than the candidate Craig from 2016. Clearly, a new expensive campaign squad has been brought in from Washington to change…well, everything.

“Gone are the pantsuits, in come the checkered shirts and puffy vests.

“Instead of hearing about “the company she helped lead” we get an Angie Craig drinking beer, and more beer.

“And no longer is Craig touting her resume of being a senior executive, instead, she claims she spent her time at a “manufacturing plant.”

“The Craig you see on your TV is a manufactured candidate, made to fit the mold her Washington elite demand. And what they demand, is a feel-good candidate with no policies to speak of and no firm plans to move this country forward.

“Thankfully, with Jason Lewis what you get is, well, frankly Jason Lewis. You get the booming voice, humorous, midwestern dad focused on the economy and state rights – the same guy listeners got for two decades on the radio. Jason Lewis is authentically himself, and while you may not always agree with what he says, you know he is giving it to you straight.

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“Throughout his campaign, Lewis has focused on the issues and invited Craig to do the same. In fact, the same day Craig won the endorsement, we put forth ten questions important to voters in Minnesota’s Second District. To date, none have been answered flat out.

“Tomorrow will prove that voters want straight forward answers and not a manufactured, well-crafted candidate sitting on the fence and refusing to take a stand, any stand, for the people she claims to want to represent.”