Speaker Ryan hits the Second District

Oct 22, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, Congressman Jason Lewis welcomed Speaker Paul Ryan to Minnesota’s Second Congressional District.

Speaker Ryan and Congressman Lewis hosted a women’s roundtable with participants of the Independent Women for an Independent Voice project Congressman Lewis launched last month.

Each and every day, Democrats take women for granted by trying to pigeonhole them into believing there are only a handful of issues women care about. Worse, these loud liberal voices demand that the only acceptable viewpoint for women is for bigger and bigger government. But the fact is, women have opinions and viewpoints that are as diverse as men and it is high time this is recognized and celebrated.

“All too often, liberal Democrats and some in the press dictate to women what issues are important to them rather than letting women speak for themselves,” said Lewis. “I am proud Speaker Ryan was able to join us to discuss issues impacting women from all walks of life and hear from them how our policies in the 115th Congress have benefited their daily lives.”

This roundtable allowed the women from Minnesota’s Second to share a bit about themselves and discuss issues that are important to them. To hear more from these women and why they support Jason Lewis, check his website here or view a Republican Roundtable some of these women participated in recently.