Who’s Buying Whom?

Sep 12, 2018

Eagan, MN – Today, Congressman Jason Lewis released the following statement regarding the Senate confirmation hearings and liberal antics:

“The frenzied opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is merely the latest example of a reckless group of naysayers used to getting their own way. From Planned Parenthood to NARAL to the Human Rights Campaign (all of whom who are backing my opponent in the 2nd District), these activist groups are mobilizing millions of dollars to make certain the Court rules exactly as they demand—or else.

“In fact, the same far-left liberals who cry wolf, falsely accusing Republicans of being bought and paid for are quite literally trying to buy Senator Collins’ vote.

“Hearings should be about judicial philosophy—not a series of litmus tests that strike at the very heart of impartiality.

“Senator Corey Booker, whose presidential ambitions helped turn the Senate hearings into a circus, has been especially disrespectful—saying anyone who doesn’t oppose Kavanaugh is ‘complicit in evil.’

“This is despite the fact Judge Kavanaugh was approved for an appellate court over a decade ago and that the ABA (hardly a conservative group) gave him it’s highest rating. Or that Akhil Reed Amar, a liberal Yale law professor, said Democrats could ‘…complicate the proceedings whenever possible. This would be a mistake. Judge Kavanaugh is, again, a superb nominee.’

“Kavanaugh has written over 300 opinions, all of which are available and he has turned over more documents than any previous nominee. But Kavanaugh is unacceptable to the activist left because he understands the basic difference between a constitutional structure that divides power between the federal branches and local units of government and one that consolidates power in Washington.

“The Senate should confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh and put an end to these radical liberal antics in Washington.”